My Prophetic Mantle came upon me about four years before I came to know Christ. It occurred the morning after graduating from high school in June of 1969. Coming back from our over night graduation party, as we came into our home town on busses, we witnessed the aftermath of two freight trains colliding head-on. The carnage was strewn everywhere and piled up in the middle of the main route into town. As our school buses continued into town, we weaved around demolished rail cars and emergency vehicles and giant portable cranes, as police directed traffic. We were all stunned as we stared at the destruction. As I looked upon the wreckage, I heard the Lord’s voice: “This is what is going to happen to this generation.”

A last days generation racing towards a train wreck. Then five years later, a year after I came to Christ I was handed David Wilkerson’s book The Vision, and I could not set it down. In 1973, David had a very graphic vision of what was going to come upon the world, America and the church. He published what the Lord showed him and now, if you read the Vision by David Wilkerson you will see how accurate the vision from the Lord was. That was my foundational call to leave the Marine Corps and pursue the studies required for fulltime ministry. Listen to David Wilkerson’s book The Vision.

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