Development of our book publishing ministry: In the early 90’s our ministry team woke up to the reality that Christ’s predictions concerning the end-of-this-age were being fulfilled rapidly. Then in 1998 I began to contemplate writing a book on what we were realizing.

In 2003 we discovered that publishing a book could be independently accomplished by using the new POD (Print on Demand) technology. My first attempt to become published was by working with one of many small startup businesses that were taking advantage of the new Print on Demand technology.

Unacceptable Outcome: After $3,500 expenditure that produced a terrible product, I was frustrated and prayed for direction. The Lord reminded me of my own technological background from my Marine Corps training and the eight-year time out I took from ministry. (The time out was more like running away from my call like Jonah.) Nevertheless, God has taken advantage of that time-out; I finished by undergraduate degree in business administration and computer science and worked as a systems analyst in the telephone industry, then finally struck out on my own as an entrepreneur by starting a high-tech corporation. Then in 1988, the Lord led me back into ministry.

Wilderness Voice Publishing: With the disappointment at the first attempt of being published, and the relentless desire to publish what the Lord was showing us, I decided to learn how to become a self-published author. This led to my first book publication in 2004. From then this gifting grew into a publishing ministry, where we not only publish our own books but also became proficient in publishing other authors.

Publishing selected likeminded authors: Thus, the Lord has led us to publish other authors who are also seeing the end times unfolding quickly. Check out Wilderness Voice bookstore.

Latest Publication:

The Third Temple and the Final Harvest

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The Jewish Third Temple is about to be Built
A full-dress Jewish reenactment of the daily sacrifi ce was held at the Whaling Wall, to include a sacrificed sheep. This took place on December 10th 2018, the first sacrifice in almost two thousand years. Every piece of the future Jewish Temple is already constructed to exact Biblical specifi cations, including the altar in which this first sacrifice was made upon. Th e Third Temple will soon be built upon the Temple Mount next to the Rock of the Done, signifying a major prophesy fulfi lled in God’s end-of-this-age time line. Shortly aft er the completion of Third Temple, the Antichrist will be seated in the Holy Place of the new temple and declare himself God. [Christians will be raptured after the Antichrist is revealed and at the end of the Great Tribulation: See 2 Th essalonians 2:1-12 and Mark 13:24-27.] The Pure Bride of Christ and the Final Harvest Few Christians heard about this event, let alone comprehend its signifi cance. Learn how the Lord is preparing his true servants to help sincere Christians become a Pure Bride of Christ to be used in the coming great awakening and final harvest.