Pastor Pretlow as your quest speaker:
Charles are garnered over thirty-two years of preaching the Word, teaching sound doctrine, counseling, and leadership mentoring. As a pastor, a self-published author, founder of MC Global Ministries, and ministering to the forced homeless by igniting faith in Christ for recovery.
The following are topics to consider for your fellowship or conference event:

  • At Midnight there was a Cry (How to Prepare for the Last Awakening)
  • Holy Spirit Led Counseling and the Gift of Prophesy.
  • Preparing to Walk in a True Prophetic Ministry.
  • God’s Recovery Program – Introduction.
  • In the Power of His Might – effective spiritual warfare.
  • Exposing Hidden Darkness in Fellowship.
  • Baptism of Fire and Character Transformation.
  • Enduring Tribulation to become Rapture Ready.
  • Ministry to the Homeless and those in Crisis.
  • The Message of the Cross and a True Move of God.
  • Gift, Gifts, Baptism and Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Fulness of Christ and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Overcoming the John the Baptist Syndrome.
  • Healing and Deliverance for Mental and Emotional Disorders.
  • Weeds Among the Wheat (Discerning last days evil disguised as good).
  • Beatitude Living and the Abundant Life.
  • Special Topic Request.

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