Pastor Charles Pretlow as your quest speaker:
I have garnered over thirty-five years’ experience in preaching the Word, teaching sound doctrine, counseling, and leadership mentoring. As a bondservant of Christ, I strive to bring forth the whole counsel of God in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As a pastor and counselor, a self-published author, founder of MC Global Ministries, and former minister to the forced homeless—the Holy Spirit has used my life and ministry to ignite a deeper faith in Christ for others. Those who are exposed to my messages will learn to work with the Holy Spirit to become transformed by the power of God, not by the power of self.

If you desire to have me come minister and speak with your ministry team or in your fellowship, expect to be challenged, encouraged and equipped for life and ministry. My goal in speaking is to help others become mature servants of Christ. Take a serious look at the following speaking topics.

  • Beyond Speculation: The Reality of Christ’s End-Time Words
  • Edging Towards the Beast’s New World Order
  • Born of the Holy Spirit? Those Born of the Flesh Will be Left Behind
  • Growing Up into Salvation: The Grace of God in His Discipline
  • Discipleship and the Love of this Life
  • The Gift, the Gifts, the Baptism, the Cross, and the Fruit
  • Trials, Attacks, and the Crown of Life
  • Exposing Darkness and Spiritual Warfare
  • Weeds in Fellowship and Family
  • Christian Doubleminded Syndrome
  • The Least will be Exalted: Leadership Training for the Captive of Christ
  • Crisis Triage Ministry: Helping the Hurting in Crisis and the Homeless
  • Ending the Gender War in Ministry and Marriage
  • Money, Directors, Administration, and Security
  • Preparing for the Unimaginable: Escaping Persecution and Tribulation
  • Fellowship Threat Mitigation – Special Two Topic Engagement
  • Special Topic Request

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