Charles Pretlow
Books by Charles Pretlow -

Midnight Cry Awakening ISBN 978-1-943412-00-6   -  Coming soon

The Horsemen Cometh 3rd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-943412-04-4  -  Barnes and Noble

In the Power of His Might ISBN 978-1-943412-01-3 Barnes and Noble
In the Power of His Might Workshop Workbook   ISBN     Barnes and Noble

Discernment   ISBN 978-0-980176-84-1       Barnes and Noble
Discernment Companion by Carly Poe ISBN 978-0980176-82-7   Barnes and Noble

God is Raising His Voice   ISBN 978-0980176-86-5       Barnes and Noble

Crushed In Spirit  ISBN 978-0-980176-89-6     Barnes and Noble

Nomad Christians  ISBN 978-1943412-03-7    Barnes and Noble

Remember Lot's Wife ISBN 978-0980176-85-8    Barnes and Noble

Jump Start Life Now ISBN 978-1943412-24-2   Barnes and Noble


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As an author, Charles writes in a poignant and direct style. His passion is Christ driven with over thirty years of experience in preaching, teaching, and counseling. You will be challenged to allow Christ to become your all and in all.

Matthew 24:13
Pastor, Author, Speaker
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