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Matthew 24:13
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Sponsor a church or multiple churches to receive this prophetic warning. Amounts to enter for one or more churches to receive this prophesy follows. (Write the amount down and click donate and enter the amount representing the number of pastors you want to sponsor.)
1 -    $5.50          10 -   $55.00
2 -  $11.00          15 -   $82.50
3 -  $16.50          20 - $110.00
4 -  $22.00          50 - $275.00
5 - $27.50         100 - $550.00

Our goal is to warn all the pastors throughout the danger area, so they can instruct, guide, and help those in their care prepare to relocate prior or ensure and plan for the best possible exit to high ground. It is estimated that 20,000 people or more will not get out in time despite the lavar warning system that is now in place. For example, once that warning system is triggered, those living in Orting WA will have about 40 minutes to get to higher ground.

Mail in donation to: MC Global Ministries, PO Box 857, Canon City, CO 81215

Copyright © Charles Pretlow  All rights reserved