Charles Pretlow
Charles Pretlow as your quest speaker:
Charles are garnered over thirty years of preaching the Word, teaching sound doctrine, counseling, and leadership mentoring. Pastor, a self-published author and founder of Jump Start Recovery - helping the forced homeless ignite faith in Christ and recover life.
The following are topics to consider for your fellowship or conference event:
  • Holy Spirit Led Counseling
  • Overcoming a Crushed Spirit and Double Mindedness
  • In the Power of His Might - effective spiritual warfare
  • The Making of a Midnight Cry Messenger.
  • Enduring Tribulation to become Rapture Ready.
  • Ministry to the Homeless and those in Crisis.
  • The Message of the Cross and Revival
  • True Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Becoming a Self-Published Author
  • Special Topic Request
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Matthew 24:13
Pastor, Author, Speaker
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by Pastor Pretlow
God is Raising His Voice
Speaking Agreement: I require that my travel, lodging, and meal expenses are covered in advance. To be refunded if there is a cancellation. I ask that a offering to be taken up during each meeting to be equally shared with the sponsoring ministry or fellowship, and that my portion of any offerings be donated to our Jump Start Recovery Ministry to the homeless.