The Final Move of God is Coming and Few are Ready. Many are crying out and pleading with God to pour out His Spirit one more time and turn America back from its apocalyptic course. Leaders are fervently calling God’s people to repent and pray for God to bring forth a massive awakening upon a wayward America – to save America and avert the terrible judgments that have already begun.

Pastor Charles Pretlow

Surprisingly, the only massive move of God coming to America and the world is the Midnight Cry Awakening that Christ predicted in the parable of the Ten Virgins. See Matthew 25:1-13.

The birth pangs of the coming Kingdom of God are ever increasing and transitioning into hatred and persecution towards Christians. Jesus warned that this last days persecution would cause many Christians to fall away and betray each others (like Judas Iscariot).

Multitudes are about to realize – Christ is coming, and this age is ending abruptly. Will you, your family and those in your fellowship be ready?

Jesus spoke of events that clearly point to the beginning of the end-of-this-age. In recognizing these signs, Christ holds Christians responsible to be awake and ready. However, in spite of His warnings, Christ predicted that his Church would be sound asleep at the midnight hour, the darkest time of the-end-of-this-age. “As the bridegroom was delayed, they all became drowsy and slept” (Matthew 25:5).

With over thirty-five years of ministry, Pastor Pretlow boldly speaks, warns, and teaches to help the sincere believer learn how to wake up and become ready in time. The final outpouring of God’s Spirit is approaching, which Pastor Pretlow refers to as The Midnight Cry Awakening. In the parable of the Ten Virgins, unprepared Christians were locked out of eternity. Don’t wait for the Midnight Cry Awakening to start, you may find that you are not ready to endure the coming dark times—now is the time to wake up and get ready. Read more on Pastor Pretlow’s background…

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