To build a good foundation in setting up a recovery program based on biblical principles and to get the most of the speaking engagement, the following title is recommended:

Crushed in Spirit 2nd Edition by Charles Pretlow ISBN 978-1-943412-16-7 Wilderness Voice Publishing Projected availability: August 2021

Order online: Wilderness Voice Publishing,, Barnes and Noble

“The LORD is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

Perhaps millions of unsuspecting Christians suffer from a crushed spirit. Their spirits were wounded prior to salvation and were never afforded the opportunity to properly deal with lingering symptoms of a crushed spirit.

This introductory book will help identify symptoms and lay a foundation so that recovery to begin. The first step is to understand the biblical principles and terms of this wide spread condition.

More than ever, Christians suffer from wounds to the spirit along with the associated damaged emotions and now are experiencing breakdowns and extreme emotional and mental upheaval.

In the coming days, many Christians will soon be in the valley of decision filled with inner stress and turmoil. Modern day medication and psychiatry will no longer be able to help maintain equilibrium.

Unless the sincere Christian is trusting and obeying Christ without wavering, the coming days will be overwhelming and debilitating, causing those who are unprepared and suffering from a crushed spirit to potentially miss out on God’s protection and guidance.

This short volume will help you understand the Biblical indicators of a crushed spirit and provide information on how to begin healing and recovery—God’s way.

Pastor Charles Pretlow shares insights gained from years of study and ministry concerning false doctrines that keep Christians weak and confused. He has developed sound doctrine to help God’s wounded recovery, all based on the word of God, years of counsel, and his own recovery. He continues to write and speak, helping the sincere Christian prepare for the coming dark times leading up to Christ’s appearance.