If you have listened to some of my messages, you should have a fair idea of what to expect. There is very little time left to become prepared properly, God’s way. So, you, your ministry team, and fellowship can expect a bold urgency in my presentation.

I share with passionate fervor the deeper things of God and the harder teachings of Christ. It is these least preached messages that transform the sincere Christian from just being a shallow church going follower of Christ into a bondservant disciple who emanates living water from their heart.

These messages that I share have been honed into my own life through the discipline of the Lord. This allows me to effectively explain the challenges, pitfalls, and victories along the hard path that leads to the fulness of life in Christ. (Matthew 7:13-14.)

If you desire to see your fellowship and ministry team become strong in Christ, these harder words of Christ, when expounded upon, will take hold and bear fruit. However, the shallow, the lukewarm and the false usually depart. You can expect hidden sin and carnal selfishness within the fellowship to be exposed, often producing true repentance, a hunger for righteousness through grace and a baptism of fire from the Holy Spirit that consumes the carnal life. (Often the false who walk in darkness, those who cause trouble will also be exposed, so that they may be properly dealt with.)

A true foundation will begin to take shape, where a fellowship team will be formed with members walking in the true gifts of the Holy Spirit; where newcomers, outsiders, and the lost will realize that God is really among your fellowship. (1 Corinthians 14:24-25.)

The purpose in understanding and embracing the discipline of the Lord is to allow Christ to prepare your team and fellowship for a true move of God. To learn how to allow the Lord to make purified vessels to use in facilitating and managing a true awakening. Where fellowship teachers and workers are clothed with power from on high, and walking in discernment, so as to not allow a true move of God to become undermined and diverted by the counterfeit work of the enemy.

Exciting as that sounds, your leadership and ministry team must sit down and count the cost, because hell will open its gates and oppose this kind of preparatory work every step of the way.

I also recommend reading my book, first published in 2004, titled “The Horsemen Cometh 3rd Edition, Racing towards the Midnight Cry.” You can down load the PDF version for free.

Leadership and team members should be made aware of what to expect when inviting me to bring a message, hold a workshop, or speak at your conference.

As for me, I expect a commitment on your part for the following:

I do not have a minimum honorarium, however; I do ask that your fellowship or organization commit in faith to a significant amount to help me continue in the work God has given me. In addition, I ask for a commitment to cover travel expenses, which includes airfare reimbursement, lodging, and food.

If you and your team are in agreement with these conditions, the next step is to fill out and submit a “Booking a Ministry Engagement” request form. In submitting a request, I expect that your decision makers are in agreement with these expectations and commitments. Your invitation will be considered prayerfully, as I look to the Lord for His approval and leadership. I value your interest and invitation, but I only travel when and where God gives me direction to do so.

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