This new book’s arrival is perfect timing, coinciding with the government’s records declassification of UFO encounters.

The world, and especially Americans have become subtly intrigued by the possibility of life from other galaxies visiting Earth, and maybe soon making formal contact.

With a steady diet of secret conspiracy theories, testimonials of eyewitness encounters, Navy pilots finally telling of their encounters — and now the government being forced to become more transparent — everyone wants the truth! Could this be part of the Bible’s warning of Satan’s end-time grand deception? Are these encounters leading to appearance of the second beast of the book of Revelation, who enforces the antichrist rule by making fire come down from heaven?

Extraterrestrial Deception Exposing the Second Beast’s Identity and its Source of Power is written by Pastor Charles Pretlow — who began his ministerial work in 1974. As an avid student of Scripture, with years of experience as a pastor, counselor, and seasoned author — by in-depth research he brings insight to end-time Bible prophecy and the ET-UFO phenomena and mystery.

Published by Wilderness Voice Publishing ISBN 978-1-943412-11-2 Available online or your favorite online retailer –, or order from your local bookstore.

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