Pastor Pretlow shares his call to ministry: It was in 1973, when I accepted Christ, just after my re-enlistment in the Marines for six more years. Then in 1974, after reading David Wilkerson’s book The Vision, I accepted Christ’s call to full time ministry and requested an early release from the Corps to prepare for ministry. Miraculously, my honorable discharge was granted.

I began Bible College in 1975 and then soon after accepted my first ministry appointment. My years of formal education and leadership training has helped me in ministry. However, the deeper things of God and the more in-depth training, wisdom, and character development has been honed through years of ministering in a wilderness type ministry, where the discipline of the Lord has been very intense and indepth.

In 1988 the Lord led me into a pastoral counseling ministry, which has given me insight into why so many Christians (especially wounded Christians) struggle in their walk with Christ. Since then, I have continued in ministry preaching, teaching, counseling and writing, as well as managing our fellowship and MC Global Ministries.

Our ministry concentrates on helping Christians become persecution proof, tribulation trained, and rapture ready. Most Christians are not prepared for the coming troubles that God will use to make His Church “without spot or blemish” – if you will, rapture-ready.

Embracing Christ’s words on how to prepare for the end-of-this-age trouble-filled times is vital, as we see His end-time prophesies coming to pass, one after another. These prophetic warnings by Christ have become the cornerstone for our prophetic ministry. Read more about the prophetic aspect of the ministry the Lord has assigned to me…

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