Pastor Charles Pretlow as your quest speaker:
I have garnered over thirty-five years’ experience in preaching the Word, teaching sound doctrine, counseling, and leadership mentoring. As a bondservant of Christ, I strive to bring forth the whole counsel of God in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As a pastor, counselor, a self-published author, founder of MC Global Ministries, and former minister to the forced homeless—the Holy Spirit has used my life and ministry to ignite a deeper faith in Christ for others. Those who are exposed to my messages will learn to work with the Holy Spirit to become transformed by the power of God, not by the power of self.

If you desire to have me come minister and speak with your ministry team or in your fellowship, expect to be challenged, encouraged and equipped for life and ministry. My goal in speaking is to help others become mature servants of Christ. Take a serious look at the following speaking topics.

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Speaking Topics:

1The Midnight Cry: Many Christians are about to be caught off guard. Now is time to wake up and become prepared. This two hour speaking engagement addresses Christ’s end-of-this-age warnings and end-time Biblical events that are now sequencing before our eyes. More Information | Promotional Flyer.

2 – Extraterrestrial Deception: The world, and especially Americans have become subtly intrigued by the possibility of life from other galaxies visiting Earth, and maybe soon making formal contact. With a steady diet of secret conspiracy theories, testimonials of eyewitness encounters, Navy pilots finally telling of their encounters — and now the government being forced to become more transparent — everyone wants the truth! This two hour speaking engagement brings to the light the Biblical answer to the UFO-ET question and how it ties in with Satan’s end-time plans in taking global control through the antichrist. More Information | Promotional Flyer.

3 – Growing Up Into Salvation: Many Christians start out by being born of the Holy Spirit, but fail to actually grow up into salvation and have Christlike character formed within them. This two hour message explains the importance of discipleship and how to embrace the discipline of the Lord that leads to the crown of life. The standard measurement of growing up into salvation is the ability to walk in beatitude living and obtain the grace of God. More Information | Promotional Flyer.

4 – The Holy Spirit, The Gift, Gifts, Baptism, and Fruit: Christians today are confused about the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of power for ministry, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This two-hour presentation clears up that confusion. It is vital that God’s people understand how God spiritually works among His people. More Information | Promotional Flyer.

5 – Exposing Darkness: Evil and wickedness lies hidden under darkness. In government, in families, and unfortunately in fellowships. The Apostle Paul exhorts leadership and mature Christians to expose these hidden evils: “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret” (Ephesians 5:11-12). In these difficult times, it is vital that ministries, fellowships, and individual Christians learn to walk in true discernment and hear rightly from the Lord about hidden evil. In the parable of the Weeds, Christ warned that in the last hours of this age Satan would implant evil people throughout the world and amongst the wheat (God’s people). This two-hour message will shock many into realizing how the threat of hidden evil is all around. More Information | Promotional Flyer.

6 – God’s Recovery Program: Psalm 34:18 states: “God is near the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit.” Indeed, God is near those who need healing and recovery from past wounds and defilements. However, few in this condition learn how to take advantage of the Holy Spirit’s work in restoring life and wholeness. This two-hour engagement is a poignant introduction in learning how to work with the Lord to overcome damaged emotions and a crushed spirit. The book, “Crushed in Spirit 2nd Edition” is recommended for this speaking engagement as a helpful resource to implement a Holy Spirit led recovery ministry for your fellowship or ministry. More Information | Promotional Flyer

7 – Christ’s School of Ministry: Most Christian leaders seek a degree in higher education in Bible College, Seminary, or graduate from a popular school of ministry offered from a myriad of ministries and famous Christian leaders. Few taking these steps in higher education ever learn to embrace Christ’s School of Ministry in the discipline of the Lord. This two-hour speaking engagement sets the stage for those called of God to truly become trained, discipled and properly prepared for the difficulties that come in shepherding God’s sheep. Pastor Pretlow shares from of years of training, experience, study and discipline by the hand of God to help the sincere leader graduate from Christ’s School of Ministry. More Information | Promotional Flyer

8 – Protecting the Ninety-Nine: Security and safety is now a high priority for fellowships and congregations of any size. Pastor Charles Pretlow and Associate Minister Tim Fisher present a powerful message on maintaining a safe fellowship environment. Learn how to train and equip your ministry team and congregants in this last-days vital challenge. More Information | Promotional Flyer

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