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Latest Publication: The Third Temple and the Final Harvest

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After almost 2,000 years a full-dress Jewish reenactment of the daily sacrifice was held out side the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, and included a sacrificed sheep on the new Temple-ready altar. Every piece of the future Jewish Temple is already constructed to exact Biblical specifications, including the newly dedicated Temple-ready altar. Th e Third Temple will soon be built upon the Temple Mount next to the Dome of the Rock, signifying a major prophesy fulfilled in God’s end-of-this-age time line. Shortly after the completion of Third Temple, the Antichrist will be seated in the Holy Place of the new temple and declare himself God. Christians will be raptured after the Antichrist is revealed and at the end of the Great Tribulation: [See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 and Mark 13:24-27.]

The Pure Bride of Christ and the Final Harvest

Few Christians heard about this event, let alone comprehend its significance. Learn how the Lord is preparing his true servants to help sincere Christians become a Pure Bride of Christ to be used in the coming great awakening and final harvest.

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